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Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Growth (italian version below)

In the previous week, I had the chance of taking part of a traning course, set in Bruxelles from 26th October until the 3rd of November, about the topic of “Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Growth”. The training course was promoted by YEU – Youth for exchange and Understanding- which is famous for promoting no-formal education (it means it doesn’t concern… Read more →


La mia esperienza negli eventi AEGEE è in crescita e questa volta sono stato al NetWork Meeting “UNITED OVER THE RAINBOW” a Salerno. Non è la prima volta che visito questa città ed ogni volta mi sento come a casa. Questa volta c’era qualcosa in più, qualcosa che ha reso questa esperienza speciale. Sto parlando delle persone che ho (ri)trovato… Read more →

YVote on the road UK

One of the most important project of Aegee, YVote 2014 had and has nowadays the task to improve the awareness and participation in the European parliament election that will be in May (22nd-25th May). What is this project? A sequence of conferences all around Europe about the most relevant topics of the society ( unemployment, gender equality, austerity, education, ecc..)… Read more →

Christmas Dinner with AEGEE Bergamo

Christmas Dinner with AEGEE Bergamo…. AEGEE Roma was there!! When amusement calls, AEGEE Roma answers! The 21st of December 2013 we participated to the most enjoyable dinner ever: AEGEE Bergamo’s Christmas Dinner! Good company, good drink, good food and good music to dance are not enough to describe how lovely is to meet again our AEGEE friends from other Italian… Read more →